Friday Fix: Back to Business


Pat and Sahil had to be at least a little concerned when I gave out a bunch of losers in my first column, but I think it’s safe to say that I got the green light to run this column for at least another month, because that’s what happens when you bounce back by running the table. Another valuable lesson to be learned, kids, sometimes you have to double down to get out of the hole.

I Might Be Biased Pick of the Week

Year to Date: + $155.42

The Astros/Jays series right before the All Star Break turned out to be quite wonky for our guys, but a bet of over 9.5 would have hit in three out of the four games, with the one under being at exactly nine runs. Last week’s selection was for the over in Friday’s game, a game in which the total hit 14. Winner winner chicken dinner.

Houston -1.5 runs vs Twins, +115 (July 14, 2017)

I wish I didn’t have to be so monotonous with this selection every week, but it’s that time of year when there just simply aren’t that many sports on, and the Astros are the only Houston team in action over the weekend. And you know who’s not afraid of the Twins? This guy. Their 25-15 record on the road in the first half is completely fraudulent, and I’m looking for the ‘Stros to lay the smack down coming off of four days of rest in front of a solid Friday night crowd at Minute Maid.

Safer than the US T Bill

Year to Date: + $200

So I will say, my +300 odds on Judge to win the derby were continually bet down until the start of the derby, when he was going off at about +190 to win. I still get credit for jumping on him so soon though. I mean, was there ever a doubt?

This year was by far the most fun home run derby in recent memory, and we have Aaron Judge to thank for that. Part of me wanted Giancarlo Stanton to advance a few rounds deeper so that the blatant disregard of the rules by his pitcher could have been made into a controversy the derby… the dude was throwing pitches while Stanton’s previous swings were still on the way up!

Patrick Worley’s mailbag question getting read on air on the Bill Simmons Podcast sometime this July +1500

Ok, this one is actually safer than the US T Bill because it happened already. Pat and I had a little side wager going about who would get a mailbag question read first, and he shoots one shot and swishes it…. and now I owe him a (expensive) 3 liter boot of beer.

For those of you who haven’t listened to it yet, go to this Monday’s edition of the Bill Simmons Podcast and start at the 13:00 mark to hear our guy make Bill and Tate giggle—congrats to Pat for winning our little wager so quickly, and also for achieving your peak.

My real pick is the Astros series vs. Twins -230. Despite the not so great line, a lot would have to go wrong for Houston to lose this weekend series.

Other Picks I Like

Friday, July 14

Canada vs Hounduras, Tie +165 (CONCACAF GOLD CUP)

This just feels like a 1-1 tie waiting to happen right? I’m a big go with your gut guy.

Over 9.5 Runs, D-backs vs Braves -110

I’m still long on the Diamondbacks, who may hit the over on their own against R.A. Dickey tonight.

Sunday, July 16

Venus Williams to win Wimbledon +102

Venus has been dominant all tournament and a lot of fun to watch, and there is no way I’m backing a non-American over one of the Williams sisters, ever.


Last week: + $781.81

Year to date: + $446.33